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Welcome our new summer interns!

Clockwise from Top Left: Jasmynne Flores, Alicia Guerrero, Anna Beaver & Valerie Murillo

Grassroots Leadership is very excited to welcome (4) new women to our team as part of the Summer ‘17 intern program! We are so excited to have them!  [node:read-more:link]

Grassroots Leadership's latest publication lays the groundwork for a new program area

Grassroots Leadership is excited to release Beyond Alternatives to Incarceration and Confinement, which lays the groundwork for a new project area to fight the Treatment Industrial Complex. Our work exposing the TIC has shed light on the private prison profiteers who built billion dollar empires as partners in tough on crime policies and who are now adapting to reforms by rebranding themselves as humane treatment providers and reentry experts. [node:read-more:link]

WATCH: Texas Advocates for Justice #kNOwMORE2017 highlight video and recap

On February 1, Texas Advocates for Justice was honored to host a state-wide gathering of individuals whose lived experiences include incarceration, detention/deportation, and mental illness. The kNOw More Advocacy Day featured spirited marching, memorable speeches, an indelible art exhibit, and powerful conversations with Texas legislators. The daylong gathering was planned and led by individuals whose lives have been most affected by Texas jails.

Announcing Sofia Casini's new role at Grassroots Leadership

Sofia Casini, immigration programs coordinator

I am pleased to announce that Sofia Casini has joined our staff full-time as our new immigration programs coordinator. To many of you, Sofia is a familiar face. She has been working as our detention visitation coordinator since 2015.

Sofia Casini brings over 15 years of experience working with immigrants, refugees, and victims of trafficking.  [node:read-more:link]

What we're fighting for at the Texas Legislature

Today marks the first day of the 85th Texas Legislature, and we're gearing up for a fight. We are ready to stand with those who have felt the devastation of our mass incarceration crisis first hand. We will fight to protect immigrants and keep families together. And, on February 1, 2017 criminal justice and immigration groups from around the state will converge in Austin for a march, rally, art exhbit and visits to legislators to speak boldly about what we are fighting for. We hope that you'll join us[node:read-more:link]

Learning from the Borderlands

This past week I had the privilege of traveling to the U.S.-Mexico border as part of a border delegation through the Young Adult Volunteer program of the Presbyterian Church USA. Though I had lived on the border for a year and know this particular area quite well, I did not know exactly how this trip would turn out. [node:read-more:link]

We do not consent. We will not comply. We will fight back.

Like many of you, we are shocked, saddened and angered by Tuesday’s national election results. For some of us, the results are traumatizing. Donald Trump spent more than a year on the campaign trail threatening immigrants, making explicitly racist statements, bragging about sexual assault, mocking women, people with disabilities, and Muslims, encouraging supporters to beat up Black protestors, and promoting violent and illegal policies.   [node:read-more:link]

Incoming sheriff can tackle criminal justice reform while stopping deportations

By Alejandro Caceres and Jorge Antonio Renaud

A recent Statesman editorial (Wanted: Sheriff who keeps Austin out of Legislature crosshairs, Sept. 24) about the race for Travis County Sheriff suggested that we cannot have both criminal justice reforms and an end to deportations in Travis County. We couldn’t disagree more. We see everyday why you cannot stack a broken immigration system on top of a broken criminal justice system and expect a more just world. [node:read-more:link]