Video of Notorious Texas Private Prison Auction

SOLD: Five one-story air-conditioned buildings constructed of concrete block with a brick veneer and pitch seamed metal roofs with a capacity of 383 inmates in 5 housing pods, complete with dayrooms and other amenities. The buildings are contained behind a strengthened perimeter of double fences with an electronic shaker detection system and eight video surveillance cameras. Approximately 10 acres are contained within the fence. The facility also has a freestanding gymnasium, maintenance shed, armory and parking lot.

The Billy Clayton Detention Center was sold last week for $6 million to an anonymous buyer in an auction conducted by Williams & Williams Worldwide Real Estate Auction.

The troubled facility in Littlefield, Texas was clearly a perfect storm of almost everything that could go wrong with a privately managed prison: staff-assisted escapes; suicides; romantic entanglements between inmates and staff; misuse of solitary confinement; lack of transparency; withdrawal of out-of-state prisoners and finally a private prison corporation walking away and leaving the townspeople and taxpayers of Littlefield responsible for an $11 million bond.

At Grassroots Leadership we believe that the private prison industry promotes corruption by creating an economic interest in promoting incarceration and detention, and by discouraging rehabilitation or preventative social programs.  When every decision made is based on profit and the bottom-line, justice is not served.

Our goal is to abolish private incarceration in the criminal justice and immigration systems.  Please join us at