Humpday Hall of Shame: Keeping Immigrant Fathers Behind Bars

Grassroots Leadership, along with activists in Austin and Houstin, is gearing up for a second vigil outside of the IAH Polk Secure Adult Detention Center calling for the immediate closure of the facility as a first step towards ending immigrant detention.  The first vigil, in December 2012, drew over 100 community members who rallied in response to a report, issued by Texans United for Families and Grassroots Leadership, that highlighted the human rights abuses at the facility.  Detention Watch Network named the Polk County Detention Center as amongst ten of the worst in the nation as part of the Expose and Close campaign.

The vigil will take place on June 15, the day before Father's Day, to stand in solidarity with the families torn apart by the immigration system.  The fathers and sons detained at Polk suffer under horrible conditions: men can spend to 23 hours a day in cramped, dark cells without privacy; are isolated from loved ones and legal aid; and are denied adequate nutrition or medical care.  What's more, the for-profit prison company Community Education Centers makes money by cutting corners and keeping immigrant men behind their bars.

The Polk Detention Center is one piece of an unjust and inhumane system that criminalizes migration and allows private prison companies to make millions from human suffering.  Grassroots Leadership, along with our allies in Texas and across the nation, is committed to comprehensize immigration reform that respects the rights and humanity of everyone, regardless of their documentation status.

If you would like to join us, you can sign up online and get more details on the Facebook event page.