Take action: Pressure mounts at Travis County Jail to stop "unconstitutional eavesdropping"

Earlier this month, we shared our petition to stop eavesdropping on prisoners at the Travis County Jail, where in-person visits have been replaced by a for-profit video conferencing service. 

Now, Jazmine Ulloa with the Austin-American Statesman has published the story, "Are there privacy flaws in inmate call systems?", sounding the alarm on phone calls between prisoners and their lawyers being unlawfully recorded at the Travis County Jail and Securus, the private company that's cashing in on it. Our friends at Texas Civil Rights Project and the Prison Justice League have filed suit. 

Ulloa writes, "In the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Austin, the Austin Lawyers Guild, the Prison Justice League and several independent defense attorneys are asking that a federal judge order authorities to stop what they call “unconstitutional eavesdropping.”

Now, we need your help to keep the pressure on!! 

Join us in calling on the Travis County Sheriff’s department to end eavesdropping at the Travis County Jail and to restore in-person visitation. Sign the petition now! People accused of a crime deserve the right to private counsel, and families should not carry the weight of an arbitrary tax, simply to line a contractor’s pockets.