Humpday Hall of Shame | Stop the deportation of Nan-Hui Jo

We should all be ashamed of a justice system that punishes people who are trying to do the right thing.  In the case of Nan-Hui Jo, doing the right thing meant fleeing the United States with her infant daughter, Vitz Da, to escape the physical and emotional abuse of the child’s father.  Upon her escape, her ex-partner filed child abduction charges, for which Nan-Hui was tried twice. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have continued to leverage their institutional power to maintain an immigration hold and pursue deportation, which would permanently separate Nan-Hui from her daughter.

Despite evidence of abuse and her status as a survivor and a pending U Visa application on file, Yolo County (CA) District Attorneys have advanced racist, anti-immigrant, and sexist tropes to paint Nan-Hui as an abuser, leading to what has been a seven-month separation of mother and child.  If she is deported, this separation will become permanent.

Unfortunately, Nan-Hui’s case is one that that is all too familiar.  More than 2 million immigrants have been deported since the Obama administration took office, a record.  Thanks to an immigration detention bed quota enacted by Congress, 34,000 immigrants are detained every single day in a network of largely for-profit immigrant detention centers.  And, draconian programs that utilize law enforcement agencies to carry out immigration enforcement measures have caused widespread fear and distrust amongst immigrant communities.  

Furthermore, while immigration is largely thought of as a Latino issue, deportations of Asian and Black immigrants are also common.  There are an estimated 1.7 million undocumetned Asian immigrants in the United States and according  to the Black Alliance for Just Immigration, Black immigrants are detained and deported at five times the rate of other populations of undocumented people

Grassroots Leadership stands with Nan-Hui against an unjust system that criminalizes survivors and immigrants, as well as separates families. We have endorsed the Call to Action bring attention to her  case and to call on ICE and CBP stop all deportation proceedings immediately.  We invite you to join us.

1. Sign this petition for Nan-Hui directed to CBP Field Operations Director Brian Humphrey and ICE Field Director Craig Meyer.

2. Make a QUICK phone call in support of Nan-Hui:

Call CBP Field Director Brian Humphrey at (415) 744-1530 ext. 234 and ICE Field Director Craig Meyer at (415) 844-5512 ext. 4 to demand that CBP and ICE exercise its prosecutorial discretion to drop Nan-Hui’s case.

Sample Script: “I am calling to ask Director Meyer/Humphrey to drop the immigration hold against Ms. Nan-Hui Jo (A 098 906 641) and allow her to reunite with her six-year-old daughter. Ms. Jo is a survivor of domestic violence and her case should be considered under the parental interests directive. I ask that ICE/CBP exercise its prosecutorial discretion and drop Ms. Jo’s deportation case.”

4. Raise awareness on social media about Nan-Hui's case.

Spread the word using hashtags #StandWithNanHui, #WeSurvived, and #Not1More