Sign the petition! Support real justice in the Travis County budget

Corrections, justice, and public safety are three of the largest parts of the Travis County budget. Travis County has a responsibility to provide safety and security to all its residents.

Across the country, states and localities are rethinking our nation’s reliance on locking people up as a solution for social challenges.  Just last week President Obama announced major initiatives to combat injustice in the criminal justice system.   As a proudly progressive county, Travis County and its law enforcement agencies should work to implement effective and progressive policies that keep families together and enhance the ability of people to reintegrate into the community after being impacted by the criminal justice system.  

Read and sign the petition to the Travis County Comissioners' Court to support a budget that: 1. Ends the county's voluntary cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and, 2. Restores face-to-face visits in the Travis County Jail.