Welcome Our New Young Adult Volunteer!

Jake comes to us as a Young Adult Volunteer. Originally from Clemson South Carolina, Jake studied Spanish and International Health at Clemson University. During this time, he gained a great appreciation for community development, and the desire to work with individuals who have been marginalized by our society. While at Clemson, he began to explore and learn more of the pain and issues that U.S. policy had caused both in Latin America and among Latino communities in the U.S.

Before coming to Austin, Jake spent a year interning in Agua Prieta, Sonora, Mexico. While living on the border, he worked with Frontera de Cristo, a bi-national border ministry.  Their hope is to educate people about U.S. border/immigration policy, its impacts, and the many ways that we can respond to help those directly impacted by these policies. While there, Jake delved deeper into the connection between a broken immigration system and the private prison industry. The more he learned, the more he knew that he wanted to work to change these systems. He comes to Grassroots hoping to continue his education, so that he may go out and let others know about these systems that are focusing on making a profit off of human beings. He also hopes to be able to learn ways to use direct action as a mode of helping others wake up and become aware of the issues that are happening in our own backyard.

Welcome to the Grassroots Leadership team Jake!