We do not consent. We will not comply. We will fight back.

Like many of you, we are shocked, saddened and angered by Tuesday’s national election results. For some of us, the results are traumatizing. Donald Trump spent more than a year on the campaign trail threatening immigrants, making explicitly racist statements, bragging about sexual assault, mocking women, people with disabilities, and Muslims, encouraging supporters to beat up Black protestors, and promoting violent and illegal policies.  

While a majority of us rejected this vision, Trump’s election this week will cause real and tangible harm in the communities that we work with, particularly communities of color already devastated by mass incarceration and deportation. Tellingly, private prison stocks soared this week on hopes that Trump will make good on his promise to put more immigrants and other people of color behind bars for more time.

Grassroots Leadership and our allies are ready to fight back. We will challenge any policies that further break up immigrant families and result in more people locked up, organizing with the communities most impacted and building a base of resistance and support. We will continue to build a network that refuses to participate in deportations. We will stand up and fight back alongside women, the LGBTQ community, Muslims, people of color and immigrants who Trump has promised to target first. And we will continue to expose the growing role that for-profit prison corporations will play in these incarceration systems.  

These are indeed dire times. They call us to fight back and to recommit to long-term organizing for justice. Join us.

The Grassroots Leadership Team