#HomesNotHandcuffs testimonies from directly impacted Austin residents

Join us on June 20th at Austin City Hall to demand Austin decriminalizes homelessness now! 


"I almost died behind the no sit / no lie, no camping, and no panhandling ordinances of the city. And I ask that they change it. Please, before somebody else dies. I almost died."


"And it was cold and late at night, and I asked the cop straight up, I said, "If I can't stay here, where can I go?" He said, "Anywhere that isn't public property or private property unless you have permission." So where does that leave you to go?"

"Maybe we don't want all of our out-of-town visitors to see homeless people. Or it might affect ACL or something, that's what's important it seems like to Austin."


"I had a camping ticket from 2010 that's affecting me today...I cannot get my license."


"I'm working on my twelfth ticket right now, my last one was for sitting down. When are these tickets going to stop? I'm not bugging anyone... It's just weird how you make choices for us."


"It's really baffling and sad to be honest to see all the negativity and hate for the people who don't have somewhere to go...it's not easy."