Close Polk!

In the unjust and inhumane immigrant detention system, the Polk County Detention Center stands out as one of the worst.  The Polk facility is operated by Community Education Centers (CEC), a for-profit private prison company that makes millions of dollars from the imprisonment and isolation of our immigrant sisters and brothers.  

For this reason, we believe that ICE should close this facility immediately as a first step towards an immigration system that recognizes the value and humanity of all people.  

In November, Texans United for Families and Grassroots Leadership released a report detailing the findings of a tour conducted in July as part of Detention Watch Network’s Expose and Close campaign, which highlighted the ten worst detention centers in the country.  The report revealed atrocious conditions within the facility:

  • Men spend up to 23 hours a day in small 8-person cells without natural light or privacy, even when showering or going to the bathroom.
  • Medical care and nutrition are inadequate at the facility.
  • The detention center is located more than an hour outside of Houston, isolating men inside from family and legal services.  Even when loved ones can visit, they are held behind glass and can only communicate through dirty mouthpieces.

The entire report is available online, in both English and Spanish.           

We call on Janet Napolitano to end ICE's contract to run the Polk County Detention Center with CEC immediately.  Along with a coalition of 37 state and national groups, we released a sign-on letter (available here) detailing our specific demands.

If you would like to get involved, please contact Texas Organizer Piper Madison at