Protest at CCA shareholder meeting

Thursday, May 16, 2013 - 9:30am
10 Burton Hills Boulevard, Nashville, TN 37215

CCA is the oldest for-profit prison company in the nation. 
On May 16th, they will be holding their annual shareholder meeting. 

Join the Public Safety and Justice Campaign to tell CCA
30 years of profiting from human misery is nothing to celebrate!

       May 15, 7pm: Forum on private prisons (location TBD)
                     8:30 pm: Sign-making party (location TBD)

       May 16, 9 am – 10:30 am: Protest
              Outside the CCA shareholder meeting:
              10 Burton Hills Boulevard
              Nashville, TN 37215


I would like for someone to visit the inside of Dawson and see the food conditions, the mold in the ceiling and the sanitation of the inmates living quarters and the over worked sleeping officers in the pickets and how staff don't take the officers life serious when they get sick and die or fall out due to illness. That facility should've been closed back in 2004 when MTC lost the contract and everything went down hill since.

They fired a good officer for her disability and wouldn't help her by accommodating her anyway to preform her job. She was there for 15 years and help open that facility back in 1997 she was mistreated while there and pushed out because she was a great assess to the company by following policy.

If you do the crime than you do the time, why is it bad for a private corp. to run a prison and make a profit? They are not the Courts they didn't send Criminals to jail. Support the death penalty and then there will be no issues with corporations like CCA to make money!!