Groups against 'police brutality' take a knee at Austin City Council

October 19, 2017
Fox 7
A group of protesters took a knee during the invocation of the Austin City Council meeting on Thursday, October 19. Criminal justice researcher and organizer Chris Harris spoke with Fox 7: "'We hope that we've been able to really clarify how take a knee is related to one thing and one thing only and that's racial inequality and police brutality in this country,' said Chris Harris with Grassroots Leadership. Harris says council should reject or make big changes to the city's contract with the Austin Police Association. 'From what we've seen of this contract this new contract that will be coming, it will not address any of the serious transparency, accountability and oversight issues that have plagued it since its beginning,' he said. 'Right now you have 48 hours as a police officer after a misconduct incident before you have to talk to an internal investigator. You have 48 hours with all the video, all the audio, all the witness statements to get your story straight. You get to talk to your union rep and to your lawyer. In that time if anyone else had that no crimes would be ever be convicted in this country it's absurd.' Harris is hoping they have support on council."