APD officers change what they do when asking about immigration

November 1, 2018

If an APD officer wants to ask for someone's immigration status, that officer must notify the person that they don't need to answer. 

Grassroots Leadership was one of the community groups pushing city council to require the APD change. Alicia Torres from Grassroots Leadership says it will allow them to hold APD accountable in their dealings with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the organization responsible for deporting people in America illegally. 

"We're actually going to be able to see how much the city collaborates with ICE," said Torres.

Grassroots Leadership staff tell KXAN most people deported by ICE in Texas get into the system after they're detained by police. 

"If you're choosing to ask someone about their immigration status. Why? What prompted you to do it? To make sure it's not because I have an accent or I'm brown," said Torres.