Austin Group is Seeking an Ordinance to Stop the City from targeting the Homeless

April 4, 2018

"'Don't criminalize the homeless.'  That's the message from a group who is advocating for an end to city ordinances that targets the homeless, including one that bans them from sleeping on downtown sidewalks and another that regulates panhandling.  Albin Sanderson is homeless and says these ordinances make life even tougher for him, as well says he almost drowned in a recent rainstorm because he couldn't sleep on the city streets.  He and other advocates say the city should stop criminalizing homelessness and instead find ways to put them into jobs.  Others say fining them only keeps them in debt and on the street.

Protesters are demanding that Austin changes its ordinances targeting homeless people and there are three items on the books that protesters are taking issue with, including one that limits where the homeless can camp and how they can panhandle.  

Homeless supporters say the city should be giving the homeless jobs instead of fining them or putting them in jail."