Del Valle residents concerned about Bastrop sheriff traffic operations

September 4, 2018

Concern among Hispanics in Del Valle mounted last week after Bastrop County Sheriff Maurice Cook announced that his office would be ramping up patrols over the holiday weekend.

It reminded them of June 23, when deputies conducted a traffic operation in the Stony Point neighborhood in Del Valle that resulted in 16 people sent to immigration authorities for deportation proceedings. The community activist group Grassroots Leadership issued a statement on Facebook asking for volunteers to “stand guard and keep an eye out” for indications of traffic operations targeting immigrant drivers.

No such traffic operations, or traffic checkpoints, occurred in the Del Valle area, the activist group said Monday.

Fifty-three people were arrested between Friday and Monday for crimes ranging from possession of marijuana to driving while intoxicated, according to jail booking records. One was detained for deportation proceedings through Immigration and Customs Enforcement after being charged with driving without a license.