The Dialogues for Activism follows its second year at the LBJ Museum

June 10, 2018
The University Star

Following a year of racial tension and contention surrounding immigration, 2018’s continuation of the Dialogues for Activism series began June 8 and tackles topics of social change.

Hosted at the LBJ Museum of San Marcos on the Square, the first day of the three-week series held two dialogues, with the first on DACA, DREAMers and SB4, and the second on immigration and intersectionality. The event welcomed community members, activists, professors and students.

The second session’s panel included Sulma Franco of Grassroots Leadership, Yunuen Alvarado of SCOPE and immigration attorney Leonardo De La Garza, who all shared advice and personal experiences on facing immigration issues. They also mentioned the lack of awareness for the LGBTQ+ community’s struggle in detention centers and in Latin America all-around.