'I'm the happiest woman in the world': Immigrant mom and son, 10, reunited after Trump policy tore them apart

July 13, 2018

BROWNSVILLE — Two months after immigration officials tore her away from her 10-year-old son, an emotional Guatemalan mother wouldn’t let go of the boy minutes after they were reunited outside a Brownsville, Tex., shelter for separated children.

Lesvia Vazquez, 39, wrapped her arms around Yudem and couldn’t stop kissing him on the cheeks after seeing him walk out of the Casa El Presidente shelter.

Vazquez was released from a detention center outside Austin Thursday after an organization named Grassroots Leadership paid her bond. She had been demanding the shelter free her son since Friday, she said.

“I came in only to visit him. They had told me that it would take a few more weeks before I could take him home. I couldn’t believe when they told me they were going to give him back to me,” she said. “I’ll never let him go now.”