Protestors pressure Sheriff Sally Hernandez to fight harder against SB4

September 21, 2018
Fox 7 Austin

Mijente's rallying cry is not something we're allowed to say or show on TV.  Basically Spanish slang for "'expletive' immigration enforcement."  

So we will leave that out of the story because some think it is inappropriate.

"Ripping families apart is beyond inappropriate.  People having their lives destroyed because of a traffic violation...there are no words for that," said Rebecca Sanchez with Austin group "Grassroots Leadership."

They joined Mijente at Friday's march and rally from the Travis County Jail to the Federal Courthouse.

Much of the rally was directed at Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez.  

They feel she's not doing enough to combat Senate Bill 4 and honoring ICE detainer requests. "We know that this is a very rogue agency so for her to accept them at their word feels a little bit like she isn't pushing as hard as she could be," Sanchez said.