Trapped in ICE hell: Mother says her daughter is being abused while she’s in detention

November 27, 2018
Daily Dot

Five-year-old Samantha cries inconsolably into the phone. She’s hurt and angry that her mother won’t come for her.

“They hit me really hard,” Samantha wails to her mother who, 1,000 miles away, feels utterly helpless. Melvin Griselda Cruz-Lopez, 46, is in an immigrant detention center in Texas, while Samantha is living with her father in Illinois. Griselda says this man, her ex, has physically abused them both.

“Why do they hit you?” Griselda asks about the vague “they.” In the past, her daughter has complained about family members on her father’s side hitting her too.

“Because, because, because I was bad,” Samantha responds. You can hear the desperation in the child’s voice as she pleads for her mother’s return. It pains Griselda that all she can do from detention is promise her daughter an endless supply of hugs when they reunite.

That phone call happened last December, recorded by Griselda and given to immigrant advocacy group Grassroots Leadership. Griselda’s lawyer couldn’t say how many times the mother and daughter spoke after that call—only that they haven’t spoken in more than two months, since Griselda’s ex-partner cut off all contact.