Activists push for a repeal of 'anti-sanctuary cities' law

February 25, 2019
Fox7 Austin

AUSTIN, Texas (FOX 7 Austin) - Senate Bill 4 has been the law of the land for close to two years now.

"This is simply a mechanism such that when someone who has a criminal record, who is wanted by ICE, they're going be held and detained and turned over to ICE. If you are here, regardless of what your status and you have not committed a crime that makes you subject to an ICE detainer, you have no problems whatsoever," said Abbott back in 2017. 

However, some still feel that the law targets immigrant communities. The fight to repeal it is still ongoing. 

“I filed SB 672, the whole purpose is to repeal what I believe is an unjust, an un-American law that's really a discriminatory law, because there is no way to really decide who you're going to ask whether you're here legally or not other than based on their looks,” said State Sen. Jose Menendez, (D)-San Antonio.