A Bipartisan Attack on the Homeless in Texas

November 2, 2019

Texans live on the front lines of class struggle in America. Amid massive income inequalitythe lowest legal minimum wage in the countrymore worker deaths than any other state, and almost no protections for tenants, we face a familiar enemy: capitalists and their representatives in government. In Texas, they tend to be particularly cruel and raw. Our state government is led by a far-right Republican Party that traffics in racist and xenophobic fearmongering and punitive policy that exploits and targets marginalized people.

In Austin, where I live, we also face well-funded, reactionary opposition from groups that are often willing to back Democrats as long as policy is to their liking. In the campaigns I’ve been a part of here, we’ve faced fierce opposition from both camps. In recent months, this opposition has grown vicious as we’ve waged a campaign to stand with our poorest neighbors against laws that criminalized their very existence.