How the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration Policies are Changing After Kirstjen Nielsen's Resignation

April 22, 2019
Teen Vogue

Since Kirstjen Nielsen resigned from her position as secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on April 7, the future of immigration policy in the United States has felt, in many ways, uncertain.

Under Nielsen’s leadership, agencies like Immigration and Customs Enforcement(ICE) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) carried out some of the cruelest and most controversial tactics we’ve seen from the Trump administration thus far. More than 2,300 children were separated from their parents at the U.S. border with Mexico last summer and reportedly endured highly traumatic conditions, such as being placed in large cages and what some children described as “ice cold” rooms, according BuzzFeed News. Secretary Nielsen incorrectly blamed Congress for the separations at the time — just like she appeared to blame the asylum-seeking parents of seven-year-old Jakelin Caal and eight-year-old Felipe Gomez Alonzo for their deaths while in CPB custody.