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TODAY AT 11AM: Advocates will demand TDCJ release two immigrants illegally detained at Briscoe Unit

October 1, 2021

Press conference comes one day after Texas refused to release migrants illegally held under Operation Lone Star more than 48 hours after their charges were dismissed
WHAT: A press conference demanding release of immigrants illegally detained more than the 48 hours mandated by federal statute WHO: Organizers from Grassroots Leadership WHEN: Friday, October 1, 2021, 11am WHERE: Outside the Dolph Briscoe Unit, 1459 West Highway 85, Dilley, Texas 78017 DILLEY, TX — Immigration and Criminal Justice Advocates will gather in front of the Dolph Briscoe Unit in Dilley, Texas to demand the release of two migrant fathers — Ivan Nava and David Muñoz — who are now being illegally held after the state dismissed their cases. On Tuesday, September 28 at 1:47pm cst, the state of Texas dropped misdemeanor charges against two migrant fathers who had been arrested and detained for more than 50 days as part of Governor Abbott’s Operation Lone Star. Grassroots Leadership and Just Futures Law filed two petitions for writ of Habeas Corpus seeking their release earlier this month. Despite the court’s ruling ordering their release, the jail is illegally holding both men on an immigration detainer request that expired yesterday. Federal law allows jailers to detain immigrants on an immigration detainer, but no more than 48 hours past the time they were ordered released. There are no exceptions to the 48 hour requirement that a person must be released promptly if the 48-hour time period has expired without ICE assuming custody. Just Futures Law sent a demand letter to the Briscoe Unit Warden, Maria Ramirez, yesterday advising her that the 48-hour detainer period had officially expired. When advocates inquired in person about the release of Mr. Nava and Mr. Muñoz, they were told the men would not be released despite the illegal nature of their further detention. Relevant legal documents available upon request. # # #