Texas Prison Closures Campaign

Texas has the largest prison population in the nation and is home to more for-profit prisons than any other state.  Lock-up rates are also on a steady decline in our state, creating an opportune moment to permanently shift the tide on incarceration trends in Texas. We anchor a statewide coalition that uses grassroots organizing, legislative advocacy, and public education to strategically target private prisons for closure.  During the 2013 legislative session we successfully closed two private prisons in Texas!


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Hump Day Hall of Shame: Correctional Healthcare Management named in lawsuit over baby who was born and then died in solitary confinement.

A woman says a private healthcare provider and the jail it operated in, its staff, and a sheriff denied her reasonable access to care resulting in her giving birth in solitary confinement and losing her baby.

Humpday Hall of Shame | CCA-run state jails prove unsafe (again) for prisoners

Thanks to a lawsuit filed by Edwards Law in Austin, TX on September 3rd, a veil of secrecy around rampant sexual abuse and staff misconduct is being lifted at CCA-run Bartlett State Jail in Bartlett, TX.  In particular, the suit sheds light on acute staff incompetence and most disturbingly, a well-known hazing ritual known by prisoners and prison staff alike as “ass on the glass.”

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