Ban the Box

Sep 8, 2015
Time Warner Cable News

"Ban the Box" supporters target Austin businesses

A growing movement to help fair hiring practices across the country is getting support in the form of protest. Grassroots Leadership is calling for President Obama to enact an executive order to "ban the box." That would get rid of a question at the front of job applications asking if you've ever been convicted of a crime. Some say that puts an unfair prejudice in employers' minds before they've even had the chance to look at an application. 

Lauren Johnson with Grassroots Leadership said, "banning the box from the front of an application will not stop a business from doing a background check and it will not stop them from choosing the candidates that they're going to hire. But it is going to increase their talent pool and let them choose somebody based on their abilities and 
qualifications to do the job."  Tuesday's protest was held outside Athena Manufacturing in North Travis County. The protestors say companies like Athena keep 70 million people from getting meaningful employment. [node:read-more:link]

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