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Open letter to WV prisoners: Beware of private prisons before signing away your rights

As part of our ongoing efforts to stop the state of West Virginia from shipping prisoners across state lines to private for-profit prisons, Grassroots Leadership is sending an open letter to prisoners in West Virginia to raise awareness of their constitutional rights that are at risk. State lawmakers continue to debate sending prisoners to private facilities run by the Corrections Corporation of America in Kentucky instead of pursuing other options that would truly address the state’s overcrowded prisons issues and would adhere to the state constitution.  Unlike other states that we highlighed in our recent report Locked Up and Shipped Away, West Virginia's constitution bars banishment of prisoners, which places prisoners in a unique and critical role in advocating against CCA profiteering from their transfer.  They have the right to say no and to be incarcerated and rehabilitated within the state of West Virginia.

Idaho Gov. Otter takes step in the right direction, but when will he bring prisoners home?

Grassroots Leadership and our friends in the fight against prison profiteering are celebrating after Idaho Governor Butch Otter announced on Jan.3 he is ordering the state to take over the Idaho Correctional Center (ICC) — a private prison operated by industry giant Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) with a long and sordid history of scandal and abuse. [node:read-more:link]

The Dirty 30 - What Corrections Corp. of America doesn't want you to know!

Today Grassroots Leadership released our lat

est report, The Dirty Thirty: Nothing to Celebrate About 30 Years of Corrections Corporation of America, with our partners at the Public Safety and Justice Campaign.   It's part of our yearlong campaign to tell CCA and the private prison industry that there is nothing to celebrate about 30 years of private prisons. 

Founded in 1983, Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) gave birth to the modern for-profit private corrections industry.  Over the last 30 years, the company has profited from the "war on drugs" and "tough on crime" policies and found a lucrative market in the detention of immigrants.  Now a multi-billion dollar corporation, CCA uses its substantial political influence to make sure its interests are met. 



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