Federal Bureau of Prisons

Sep 14, 2017
Austin Chronicle

Doggett Seeks Info on Prison Evacuation (or Lack Thereof)

Media attention continues as Rep. Lloyd Doggett acts with Grassroots Leadership and partners to demand answers for the Federal Bureau of Prisons' decision to leave Beaumont-area prisoners in the path of Hurricane Harvey. Prisoners faced inadequate and unsanitary sewage treatment, intermittent power shortages, and lack of access to food, water and medical care. "In his request, Doggett asks the FBP to clarify 'what actions are being undertaken to protect the wellbeing of prisoners and staff and to restore the facility to pre-disaster conditions.' The Texas representative joins local nonprofit Grassroots Leadership, the ACLU of Texas, and more in demanding the federal prison system address the unlivable situation at FCI Beaumont, and to 'create clear policy on the circumstances in which a federal prison must be evacuated,' said ACLU Deputy Political Director Matt Simpson."
Sep 12, 2017
Houston Press

Lloyd Doggett Wants to Know What Happened at Beaumont's Federal Prison During Harvey

Following pressure from the ACLU of Texas, the Texas Civil Rights Project, the Prison Justice League and Grassroots Leadership, U.S. Representative Lloyd Doggett is demanding answers from the Bureau of Prisons regarding the treatment of prisoners in the Beaumont facility left without food and water following Hurricane Harvey. “Due to several reports of alarming conditions at the Beaumont facility, I have inquired with the Federal Bureau of Prisons to express my concern and obtain clarification about what actions are being undertaken to protect the well-being of prisoners and staff and to restore the facility to pre-disaster conditions,” Doggett said. The article references Grassroots' press release stating prisoners were ignored despite advance warning of devastating conditions. [node:read-more:link]

Sep 11, 2017
The Texas Tribune

Texas congressman concerned about Beaumont prisoners after Harvey

Texas Rep. Lloyd Doggett has filed an inquiry to the Federal Bureau of Prisons regarding the federal agency’s response to Hurricane Harvey. Prisoners in Beaumont have been kept in inhumane conditions, including lack of access to water. While federal agents deny prisoners' testimonies, "Grassroots Leadership organizer Jorge Renaud said it’s better to 'default on the side of the vulnerable populations. When things rise of the level of someone actually being woken up to say something about a condition ... and is willing to go on the record, it’s usually indicative of quite a few more inside who are actually experiencing the same stuff.'"
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