mothers day

May 6, 2016
The Monitor

COMMENTARY: Remembering all moms, including detained immigrants and their children, this Mother's Day

Libal’s group also has asked a judge to strike down a temporary residential child care license that was issued to the 500-bed Karnes facility, where I toured.

Sure that center has wall drawings by children and child-friendly posters but I would not in any way liken it to a real childcare center, places where some working moms drop their toddlers during the day, give center staff instructions on the type of care they’d like for their youth and the freedom to pick them up and leave with them every evening.

These detained women can’t even eat lunch with their children, much less leave without a judge’s order.

And so as we go into this Mother’s Day weekend and our nation celebrates the blessings of mothers, may we also remember these little ones whose mothers are locked up, unable to cook for their own children or even tell them what to eat. And may our nation, and our state, be guided by our hearts to do better by them. [node:read-more:link]

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