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Si Kahn: Please join me to help Grassroots Leadership keep on keeping on

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

I am proud and grateful to have been a member of the Grassroots Leadership team for almost 35 years, the best sustained experience I’ve had in my almost 50 years as a civil rights, union, and community organizer.  Looking back across the years, I especially appreciate the support of people like you who have contributed from the heart to help sustain Grassroots Leadership in our long-term work around issues of racial and economic justice.  We quite literally could never have done it without you.

Today, as for the past 15 years, Grassroots Leadership initiates and supports campaigns that fight the for-profit private prison industry – an industry that preys on and profits from the pain of incarceration and detention, particularly among the poor, immigrants, and communities of color. 

For-profit incarceration simply has no place in a just society – and for 15 years Grassroots Leadership has been on the front line of the fight to end this appalling practice. 

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